Don’t worry, it’s possible to switch back to the old SoundCloud layout

Save SoundCloud classic!

by Kristian on December 7, 2012 · 5 comments

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The new SoundCloud sucks – how to switch back

Don’t worry, it’s still possible to use the old version. In the upper right corner, click “more”, and then click “switch back to classic SoundCloud”.

Things I like about the new SoundCloud:

  • Better search
  • Even though it’s horrible, my amazing music contacts and discoveries are still there.

Things I dislike about the new SoundCloud

  • Dashboard only shows tracks; not what the people I follow are up to. Entries like “Owsey, Jernalism, Sorrow and 50 others favorited this track” are great ways to discover new music.
  • “Follow fjern, Linkin Park, Big Boi and more on SoundCloud”. Seriously? I use SoundCloud primarily to discover and interact with other hobby musicians, and I’m not interested in promoting Linkin Park and Big Boi in any way. Nor am I interested in seeing random suggestions on who to follow.
  • Sets don’t display track lists unless I click on them, and they’re all displayed as one waveform.
  • Comment avatars are tiny, and the whole commenting system is very awkward to use.
  • I don’t want 3 of my favourites to suddenly play after one of my individual uploads. They’re not “related”.
  • “Follow back”, “reposts”, sets with other people tracks – it all seems quite spammy.
  • From 5 to 3 spotlight items, number of people an artist follows being shown, comment content, – it’s all being shrinked and reduced.
  • The “stylish” design has poor usability, and doesn’t clearly indicate where I am or what’s going on. The trend of fancy large minimalist AJAX designs like this is like a step back to websites made in Flash back in 2000. What was wrong with the old tab layout on profiles? Everything about the old design made sense.
  • It all seems to be catered towards listeners and known artists, and going away from the paying users’ sense of community and collaboration.
  • Where are the groups my song is in?
  • Everyone hates it; quite literally – just read the comments:
  • Rachel Myer

    I’m not a fan of the new UI or the old UI for that matter. Not to mention it pisses me off that you can’t download certain songs…I mean I can record it when I play it so why I can’t I download it? It’s as if they are forcing you to jump through all these hoops just to get a song you want to listen to.

    If you want to try a really sexy minimalist soundcloud skin that has a built in soundcloud downloader with no limits check out

    • Kristian Pedersen

      You fail to address the topic at hand here, but I would like to state my concern about such software:

      1. If an artist chooses to charge for his music, and I like his work, I’ll gladly support with a couple of dollars (you’d buy a cup of coffee for someone whose music you like, so supporting artists should be a no-brainer). Buy the music directly from labels or artists whenever possible: When there are Bandcamp links available, I always use those.

      2. If someone uploads a song with no download or purchase link, maybe he’s planning on releasing an improved version in the future, or simply don’t want it distributed for whatever reason. In those cases, I’ll send him a message, compliment him, and ask if it would be possible to get my hands on an mp3.

      3. The old UI is fantastic for its community aspects, and that’s what SoundCloud to a large degree is all about, but you don’t seem like someone who cares about that. If I’m wrong however, I have written a post about how to get the most out of SoundCloud here:

  • Lizz Miribaby

    thank you!!!! i thought i was the only one who disliked the new soundcloud..infact i hate it! im sorry i just do…i’ll stick to the old one for as long as possible!!! new does NOT always mean better smh.

  • savannah

    can anyone tell me how to switch back to the old sound cloud, it says click on the right hand corner and click more but its not coming up help pls

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