Behind the scenes


Content and pricing

These packs include:

  • All of the song’s tracks as equally long audio files, so you can load the project in any sequencer. (When they’re all played at the same time in the most quiet parts, there’s some white noise that can be heard – that’s because I only afterwards realized that I had left dithering on when rendering the tracks. This is not a problem when it’s not quiet, or when listening to individual or few tracks.)
  • .als file (Ableton Live Suite 8.3.4) – There are some omitted samples due to file sizes, and some plug-in dependent tracks might not work properly. You can still see the entire structure of the track, effect usage, automation, MIDI, etc.
  • Information document (.doc)
  • Early drafts
  • .MIDI files

“Name your price” means that you can download it for free by entering $0, or even better, download it at cool prices like $3.14, $13.37, $42, 123.45, and so on. This would please me.

If money’s tight and you wish to pay, passing this page on to your friends or promoting it on your site is also a form of payment, I think.

You’re allowed to remix, sample things and go crazy. I would love to hear what you come up with!


;Download (475 MB .zip) (name your price, $30 recommended)

Trappetrinnlagende Skylys

;Download (431 MB .zip) (name your price, $30 recommended)